My association with the Green House Venture began in the fall of 2018 when I was asked to take pictures by my neighbor, Board President Tom Purcell. My degree was in Photography and Design and I had been working as a photographer for the past 30-years. My artistic journey started in Chicago at Ray College of design where I graduated with a BFA in Photography and a minor in Graphic Design. Upon graduation, I decided to head west so I moved to California with equipment in tow, to capture everything and anything that moved me and my camera artistically.  I became comfortable in my craft by concentrating primarily on fashion photography during my time in California. As luck would have it, my husband was from St. Louis, and he eventually dragged me back to the mid-west to raise our family and I’ve worked as a self-employed photographer ever since. My camera has documented a little bit of everything throughout my life, but it’s always focused on people and trying to capture their story. Photography has allowed me to pursue and grow in many directions from graphic design, marketing, social media curation, event design and more. I have always been driven to volunteer which has led me to meet many interesting people and to learn new things along the way. In one of my favorite volunteer roles, I served as a middle school yearbook moderator, teaching students’ photography and layout design. I have also taught art and have lead art auctions from concept through auction ready artworks for bidding. The GHV has allowed me to expand even further through video production with Arbor Group, expansion of social media platforms and our campus newsletters.

“My favorite thing about the Venture is always the kids. Watching them enjoy little slices of nature and science right here in the neighborhood. They are curious and want to learn especially when it comes to lessons around nature in the middle of the city.”