Jack Connaghan is the Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Green House Venture. After graduating from Saint Louis University with a degree in Communication, Jack started out at the GHV by watering plants and picking up trash at the Terrace Garden. Before long, Jack involved himself in the creation of promotional material for the GHV’s social media pages, eventually becoming the primary contributor to those platforms. When the previous Secretary for the Board stepped down, Jack was asked to contribute to the GHV Board of Directors by serving as the new Secretary. He maintains all of these services today. You can still find Jack at the Terrace Garden watering our plants!

“The Green House Venture is special to me because of its potential to reach far beyond the confines of our little neighborhood, or maybe even our city. Through the use of online classes at our future Education Center, I hope we can reach students and classrooms that don’t otherwise have access to this kind of teaching.”