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Green House Venture Partnership

“We have to connect the dots for students at a very early age so they can appreciate the opportunities and see a clear path to careers in science. That’s especially true for young people from first-generation college and graduate school backgrounds, those from historically underrepresented groups in the sciences and others who have never considered that kind of possibility. The Green House Venture offers a unique entry point to the pipeline that leads from sparking an early interest in science with children in elementary school, who then take that spark onto high school, college and eventually to graduate work and a science degree.

We want to get kids and their families on fire about those opportunities, but with diversity and inclusion programs, that can be challenging because we’re often starting from scratch or we’re siloed when it comes to building programs with the community. Through our partnership with the Green House Venture, we can invite families, especially those of color, who do have not had any college or graduate school experiences and with limited income to visit Washington University. Then they can see the physical space and have an exciting hands-on experience with what we’re doing to prepare students for outstanding careers in science.”

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Assistant Provost, Diversity Initiatives: Rochelle Smith