Interim Principal

St. Margaret of Scotland School

After 17 years of teaching at St. Margaret of Scotland School, I transitioned to assistant principal in 2020. As interim principal, I’m looking forward to taking an active role in the Green House Venture. I see it as not only an opportunity to bring our communities together but as a way to educate and explore science in a more real-world environment.

My hope is that through promoting the Green House Venture program, we can help create future leaders, problem-solvers, and scientists. Our vision is to expand the educational experiences of students in the St. Louis City area and empower them, teach them, and have them share that knowledge and passion with others.

“The Green House Venture is a unique collaborative partnership aimed to bring together diverse schools and provide educational opportunities for students. The main purpose is to grow our students’ knowledge of urban agriculture with real-world, hands-on, engaging activities while helping them develop a love of Science.”