I have been teaching chemistry and environmental science at St. Louis University High School for 35 years. I am also the Garden Director and serve on the Sustainability Committee at SLUH. I serve on the Advisory Committee to the Grow Exhibit at the St. Louis Science Center. I am currently serving on the St. Louis University 2018 Climate Summit Planning Committee on the Education and Outreach Subcommittee.

I am a past chair of Science Department at St. Louis U. High. In 2016 I was awarded a grant from the Toshiba America Foundation to establish a multiyear study of the atmosphere using biannual weather balloon launches to gather data. I have been involved for several years with the International Jesuit Ecology Project and Loyola University of Chicago in the development, testing, and promotion of the Healing Earth text book.

The Green House Venture is one of the most exciting educational endeavors that I have seen and I am delighted to be be able to be a part of this program. Too many students lose interest in science at an early age and we need to do everything we can to insure that all of our youth have a positive experience with science that keeps them interest, enthused, and excited about pursing science. This enthusiasm for and understanding of science may open educational and career opportunities for these students as well as helping them grow as informed participants in their communities in a world that is more and more science and technology driven. The Green House Venture gets the students actively engaged in doing quality, real world science as well as exposing them to older students and adults involved in science related careers at all levels.