The Intern will update and write documentation for hardware and software in Computerized Growing Chambers (CGCs) that are used in four city schools to teach science to underserved elementary-school children.

The advanced equipment is provided free of charge to teachers in the schools by the Green House Venture, a non-profit dedicated to improving urban education by opening up to students opportunities for higher education and satisfying careers in fields currently difficult to them to enter. The CGCs allow students, not only to learn science at an early age, but also to be scientists, carrying out eight-week classroom experiments involving plants, fish, and other organisms that are easy for elementary-school students to work with.

The hardware in the current chambers controls the lights, fans, sensors, and a camera. When fully updated, it will also allow teachers to monitor their own chambers and those in other schools remotely, to change experimental parameters without help from an IT professional, and to control pumps to water the plants and provide individual nutrients in precise doses.


A thorough and inquiring mind to assess existing systems and perceive their differences and needs.

Ability to repair and update equipment using small tools. A basic understanding of Python and computer circuitry Familiarity with embedded software development is a plus.


  1. To learn the hardware configurations and software functions from the designer of the CGCs Phil Speth, which evolved as six chambers were constructed.
  2. With Dr. Stump’s preparatory assistance, visit the chambers in the home of Dr. Stump and in four schools (three near the Botanical Garden and one near the new soccer

stadium downtown) to assess their conditions preparatory to bringing them back into

service after a two-year hiatus during the pandemic.

  1. To document their current condition and needs, noting minor differences in hardwarethat were introduced as the chambers evolved.
  2. Under Mr. Speth’s oversight, to repair, update, and harmonize the six CGCs currently inthe possession of Don Stump and the Alliance Schools, bringing them all up to a

    common standard in hardware, software, and functionality.

  3. To document the upgraded hardware and software for future users.
  4. As time allows, to learn from Dr Stump other relevant tasks and carry them out.

Work load, start dates, and stipend:

$15/hour for 22 weeks @ 15 hours/week.

The internship will involve 11 weeks of work in the fall term of 2022 (beginning September 12) and 11 weeks in the spring term of 2023 (beginning January 12).

Stipend @ $15/hour $4950.