GHV board member Don Stump teaching students about indoor plant cultivation
GHV Embankment

The Green House Venture

“Our mission is to educate, excite, and equip an inclusive population of elementary students to pursue a sustainable world through a hands-on program in bio-science and urban agriculture.”

We advance our mission through accessible, best practice programs taught in a working urban agricultural environment to achieve the following goals:


Introduce children to a rich, hands-on experience that improves bio-science education


Increase student knowledge of and appreciation for proper nutrition, and encourage children and their families to adopt healthy and sustainable urban agriculture practices


Lead more students to potential careers in bio-science to meet the pressing needs to fill emerging jobs in STEM and agriculture

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What makes GHV distinctive!

group photo of students wearing lab coatsThe Venture is built on a collaboration that includes Saint Louis University, Washington University, Harris-Stowe State University, St. Louis Community College, the University of Missouri St. Louis, Bio STL, and four elementary schools forming a cohesive Urban Education Alliance.

Hands-on learningKids from Alliance schools will learn to plant, harvest, and cook healthy food in a real-world production facility, one that supplies produce for school-lunches to children in need.

A group of students explore plant growth on the Green House Venture embankmentWorking with St. Louis University’s Nutrition and Dietetics, students learn to plant, harvest, and cook healthy food. They will also learn from our aquaponics greenhouse, which is part of the Venture’s mission to supply produce to children in need through school lunch programs.

Flower at the GHV campusStudents, working alongside scientists, plant and maintain native flowers along the interstate-highway embankment to revitalize declining pollinator populations that are essential for large-scale agriculture.

Students learn together about growing a sustainable environmentChildren from diverse backgrounds learn together, engaging their families and schools, adding strength and vitality to the web of urban life.

GHV EmbankmentUrban populations are expected to explode by mid-century, and cities like St. Louis will need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated by food transportation by producing food nearer to their urban cores.

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“The Green House Venture collaboration among four highly diverse schools in the Urban Education Alliance is distinctive and unique in several important ways. I’m impressed with its extraordinary educational programs, such as the curriculum in bio-science and urban agriculture for elementary school students. Their Embankment Greenway along Interstate 44 is among the first of its kind to be endorsed and supported by the Missouri Department of Transportation. When it comes to innovative initiatives that boost the image of our region, the Venture stands out as a truly exceptional program.”

-Tishaura O. Jones, Mayor of St. Louis

”This program can make a difference in the lives of young people throughout our region”

-Fred Pestello, President, St. Louis University

“...stakeholders have gotten together to do something fantastic for children, to excite them about science, to try to change our region, through investing in young people and having them actually not just learn science, but do science.”

-Deb Patterson, Retired, VP Global Contributions & Community Engagement, Monsanto

“Realizing and empowering the potential of youth in continuous efforts to improve the communities they live in and to impact global challenges of sustainability through exploring solutions in their own neighborhoods is core to the mission of the Green House Venture Project. The work that our youth produce today will shape thriving communities for the St. Louis region and beyond.”

-Dr. Freddie E. Wills, Jr., Ph.D., Campaign Co-Chair & Vice President for STEM Initiatives and Research Partnerships

“The Green House Venture is destined to become an important community asset. Educating students and parents on healthy and sustainable food and habits, and creating a renewable food source in parts of the Saint Louis community where it is most needed.”

-John Nickel, Campaign Co-Chair & Co-owner, Switch

"Every child we work with has a mind with more creative potential than the most powerful supercomputers on the planet. Our job is to spark curiosity and light up the imagination so that learning becomes a pleasure, delight leads to lives of investigation, and discovery brings benefits to us all."

-Donald Stump Ph.D., St. Louis University