• Adventure Summer Camp

  • Let’s Grow Together!
    Campers will learn about the importance of native and domestic bees and explore one of the most diverse collections of trees in the country.  They will be digging into the soil  to learn about this important part of our ecosystem.  They will even build a computer controlled growing system called a Food Computer.  Expert instructors will guide them as they explore all of these topics and more. Plus, campers will have plenty of time for games, sports and crafts.   

    New this year – We are partnering with SLU department to Nutrition and Dietetics to offer one week of Gardens to Tables Culinary camp.  In this week, kids will learn about Organic Farming and actually make meals from the plants in the garden.

    Note: If you are signing up for the 3rd week of camp at SLU, you will be asked to fill out an additional  SLU form on the first day of camp.

    Join us for one, two or three amazing weeks of fun and adventure!

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