Venture Highlights

Blossoming from its beginning in 2015, The Green House Venture has emerged from a fledgling idea into an established program aspiring to serve as a nationwide model for elementary education in bio-science and urban agriculture.

Who We Are Harvest is always one of the most exciting days for the Ambassadors.

Who We Are The Ambassadors measure and Weigh the plants from their experiments.

Who We Are Ambassadors compare plant growth in Aquaponics and Hydroponics systems.

Who We Are Students test the effect of different soil types on plant growth results.

Who We Are Adventure Summer Camp participants learn about the importance of Native and domestic bees in pollinating plants.

Who We Are At the Adventure Summer Camp, Art and Science mix as the campers learn about native birds and build them a home.

Who We Are Campers give their Bird Houses and Planters some very unique decor.

Who We Are Guardrail protection being provided to create the I-44 Embankment Education Garden.

Who We Are Soil preparation, seeding are underway.

Who We Are The Native Prairie and Pollinator Garden will support both research and educational programs
  • Project Overview  

    Comprehensive description of the Venture’s purpose, goals, structure, and defining characteristics

  • 2018: Progress Report  

    Update on activities and accomplishments from the program's yearly operation

  • Spring 2017: Progress Report  

    Update on activities and accomplishments from the program's yearly operation

  • Urban Education Alliance Map  

    Depiction of the relative proximity of the Venture’s four initial participating schools

  • Ambassadors Program  

    Innovative after school program where kids from all of the alliance schools come together to explore Ecology and Bio-Science

  • Program Assessment  

    Standards and procedures to ensure educational efficacy and fiscal accountability

  • Illustrations  

    Architectural drawings of the planned greenhouse facility that will serve as the cornerstone for the program when completed

  • Five Gardens  

    Description of the five main areas that comprise the physical composition of the overall educational program

  • Neighborhood Asset Map  

    Visual outline of the organizational assets within the Venture’s immediate geographic boundaries

  • Regional Demographics  

    Details and map illustrating the ethnic diversity of the students attending schools in the Urban Education Alliance

  • Distinctive Features  

    Unique qualities that differentiate the Venture program

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